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You’ve sorted the food, drink and decorations. Now you want to make sure the kids are fully occupied and entertained for the whole party. Here are a few ideas for kids’ party games that will cost very little or nothing at all to create.

Food game idea - Food on a string 

Thread lots of Burger Rings, Cheezels or mini donuts onto two long pieces of string.

Get adults to hold the strings up at the kids’ head height and divide the kids into two teams. 

With their hands behind their backs, they kids have to eat until the string is empty. The first team with a clear string wins!

Guessing game idea - Feely bag 

Take a fabric bag and put a different item in it each time, for example an orange, cotton wool, shoelace, hairbrush, etc. 

Ask the kids, one by one, to feel the bag and guess what it is, without looking. The first one to guess right, wins! 

Puzzle game idea - Picture treasure hunt 

This is a great game for small parties. 

Hide treasure in easy to reach, safe places and draw pictures to provide clues of where it's hidden. 

Give out the clues one at a time and let the kids race to find the prizes.

Active game idea - Escape the monster

In a big room, line the kids up against one wall and tell them they’re on the edge of a forest.

Get one or two kids or adults to pretend to be monsters in the middle of the forest.

The kids have to try to get across the forest without being caught by a monster. If they do get caught, they become a monster too.

The kids should keep running back and forth until all but one has been caught. The last one not to be caught is the winner!

Musical game idea - Musical bumps

Get the kids to dance to some music. When the music is paused, they have to sit down on the floor as quickly as possible.

The last one to sit is out. After a few rounds, the last child left dancing is the winner!


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